November 25, 2020 marked the end of the Hedgehog Hustle.  CONGRATULATIONS to all of our runners.

Not only did we raise almost $5,000 for our partner charities (we can’t thank our athletes enough for all of their support), we also saw some pretty fantastic performances.  Check out the results below.  If you see any issues with the results please email [email protected] by November 30, 2020 so we can look into it.

Boss Hog (Progressive 50 Miler) 

Male Time Female Time
Sam Karliner 6:02:47 Nicole Van Baelen 6:11:09
Phil Roucoulet 6:05:20 Larissa Giordano 6:18:27
Christopher Orelup 7:32:38 Paula Olson 8:06:18


Masters Male Time Masters Female Time
Steve Carleton 7:32:49 Christina Ryan 8:43:27
Matthew Cambi 7:36:09 Kimberly McLaughlin 8:58:03
Nathan Chmura 7:37:18 Tina Lee 9:03:09

Hedgehog (Progressive Marathon)

Male Time Female Time
Peter Hornak 2:59:04 Jennifer Johnson 3:28:28
David Berthiaume 3:06:43 Margaret Genetti 3:49:40
Jeremy Titus 3:29:26 Debra Perry 4:04:50


Masters Male Time Masters Female Time
Dave Munger 3:55:19 Sandrina Alexander 4:14:16
Michael McDevitt 4:09:38 Karen Kling 4:24:46
Jeremy Rosenzweig 4:24:49 Sheryl Ouellette 4:36:00

Hoglet (Progressive Half Marathon)

Male Time Female Time
Craig Beers 1:34:38 Nicole Semanchik 1:43:04
Ken Clark 1:37:19 Elise Marzik 1:44:38
John Gonski 1:38:54 Theresa Bly 1:47:40


Masters Male Time Masters Female Time
Judd Storrs 2:39:09 Kathy McGroddy-Goetz 1:50:36
James Ruotolo 2:39:49 Mary Kelleher 2:03:54
Elizabeth Orelup 2:11:35

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