Sonic Endurance is dedicated to helping athletes of all abilities achieve their endurance goals. We understand that no two athletes are alike and the response to training is an individual process. We regularly incorporate field-based testing and functional movement testing in order to assess an athlete’s progress towards their goals. It is our mission to develop a plan that uses your training time efficiently while preparing you to accomplish or exceed your goals.

We are committed to providing you a personalized plan based on the latest research and your time constraints, limitations and fitness level. We believe that any individual is able to make gains regardless of perceived ability. While some coaching companies offer different service levels and price points, we are committed to providing all athletes with the same frequent, individualized support. Our coaches work collaboratively and utilize their diverse backgrounds to develop a comprehensive training strategy. While you will have an individual coach, your success is important to everyone at Sonic Endurance.


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  1. Hi guys/gals.
    I am a former infantry soldier and before that a long time martial artist and kickboxer. I now live most of the time in columbia and wanted to run a marathon, and bring attention to the PTSD situation with my former infantry unit from Canada. ..ok here has been my training as if now..just heavy bag work and weight training at gym. I have done lots of ling distancance runs when I was younger but I haven’t run any time on real dround in many years. I had some bad landings and had knee surgery. Thst was long ago and I’m more than confident I’m mechanically sound to complete this . I want and …..mcTotally need your organizations help in getting up to that level of endurance….in this climate…I live in Cucuta now….its a wee bit hotter than eastern canada

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