Why do you Coach?

I have been passionate about coaching others for a long time, in sports and at work. I enjoy helping others, seeing the light bulb moment and the emotion when someone reaches their goal(s). I have been coaching youth soccer and baseball for 20 years and now I’m ready for a new challenge in endurance sport coaching.

What is your primary philosophy of coaching?

My philosophy is that each athlete is unique and that a coach needs to work with the athlete to develop training that will highlight and build on their strengths while helping to improve on the areas of weakness. I believe that communication is key to the coach/athlete relationship.  Consistency is important and while every workout will not be 100%, what matters is maximizing the training time available to the individual athlete. I will work with an athlete to develop a plan that is flexible based on their needs and ability to train. As a scientist by training, I am all about the data, but I am also aware that we don’t have to obsess over it.

What do you look for in an Athlete?

Communication between both of us on a regular basis so that I can help them perform to the best of their abilities. I look forward to working with someone who will put in the work and embrace the training process. I love working with new athletes, being able to share my learnings and seeing when it all comes together.

How are you different than other coaches?

I learned later in life the importance of 1-on-1 coaching,  and how invaluable both the coaching and community are to individual success. I also learned that although it’s a race, its also not a competition in comparing yourself to others, and I started using the motto “Race Your Race” to help me through and keep me on target.

I also have three kids and a more than full time job – that has helped me gain perspective on training / time management and that helps me understand the daily challenges in training and racing plans.

What is your history in sport?

I played team sports from a youth athlete until recently, mostly soccer. I am an adult-onset distance runner, gradually increasing the distances up to marathons. I came to triathlons late in life, mostly as a way to cross train and take some of the pressure off of running. I started with a sprint in 2015 and completed an IRONMAN in Lake Placid. I still enjoy open running races, with more of a focus on 10 mile -13.1 miles races, but hope to run the London Marathon someday, while I continue to race various triathlon distances. I have completely been taken in by the triathlon community and am looking forward to giving back.

One-on-one coaching starting $150/month for single sport athletes and $200/month for multisport athletes.

What are your credentials?

USAT Level 1
First Aid/CPR/AED
Future USAT Para-Athlete

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