We offer one-on-one coaching for multisport and individual sport athletes. We cater to triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, and runners of all ages and abilities.

As a one-on-one athlete both your individual coach and our team of coaches work to make sure you are able to achieve your athletic goals. We take your training and racing seriously and will strive to help you achieve your goals.  Our one-on-one coaching service offers:

  • Dedicated coach to work with the athlete on a day-to-day basis
  • Initial meeting in person or via phone or Zoom to get to know you and your goals
  • Development of Annual Training Plan (ATP) that includes all races
  • TrainingPeaks Premium account
  • Detailed daily workouts written in 1-2 week blocks on TrainingPeaks
  • Responses from coach to workouts logged in TrainingPeaks on at least a weekly basis
  • Unlimited communication with coaches via e-mail, text and phone calls as scheduled
  • Access to the private Sonic Endurance Athletes’ Forum on Facebook
  • Race execution plans for “A” events and unlimited discussion during race week
  • Specific assistance on race fueling and mental approaches to training and racing
  • Swim stroke analysis and run analysis either in person or via video as needed
  • One-on-one technique sessions, if athlete is local to coach
  • Field-based lactate threshold testing to determine heart rate zones
  • Specific strength, core and cross training workouts to address limiters and prevent injury
  • Discounts on Sonic Endurance training camps

Pricing for one-on-one coaching is dependent on whether you are a single-sport or multisport athlete, and your coach. You can see the 1 on 1 pricing for each coach under their personal profile. In addition to the monthly fee, there is onboarding fee of $100 for new athletes.