When training for your “A” race of the year, there are advantages to knowing every inch of the course; being able to know what comes after each turn on the bike, or where the next aid station will be on the run, is invaluable when planning your best performance. Between our coaches collective experiences as athletes at events, we know these courses like the palm of our hand.

Our training camps are set-up to specifically target the event that they are hosted at. However, we welcome any athlete who is looking to put in a large block of training in a single weekend or experience the thrills of a classic race course.

Training camps from Sonic Endurance include the following:

  • Coached group training sessions for swim, bike, and run
  • Vehicle SAG support for cycling
  • Course preview information sessions
  • Hydration and nutritional support
  • A video analysis session (swim or run)
  • Sunday brunch included
  • 2-3 nights of lodging provided (dependent on camp)


  1. Andrea canigla

    Do you have a schedule for next year camps? I am interested in eagle man prep for 2022.

    1. stacey

      sent you an email

  2. Willie Fleetwood

    Do you have the 2022 camp schedule available yet.

    1. stacey

      We will be in Lake Placid for camp June 23-26

  3. Ashley Eppes

    Yes, could I also have the 2022 Schedule

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