I started running casually in 2012.  Couch to 5K, then 10K, and within about 8 months a half marathon.  By the time 2014 rolled around I had dived head first into endurance sports.  I ran 2 marathons that year and started dabbling in triathlon, with a sprint and 2 Olympics.  By 2015 I upped it to a marathon and 3 Half Ironmans and so the pattern has continued ever since.  A marathon early in the year, then maybe an Ironman, or 2 or 3 half Irons.  (Except 2020, I did nothing and neither did anyone else.  We can all agree that year didn’t count and didn’t really even happen).  I have always had an upcoming event on the calendar.  I love long distance training and the events give me a sense of purpose in the training (and force me to get in the pool).

This year was different.  To be fair, I have already run 2 marathons this year, but I knew after the Boston Marathon in April I would be taking a break.  It was planned, as my oldest child was graduating from high school, and my youngest from elementary, and I really wanted to be present and focused on them, and not distracted with the worry of a training plan or upcoming race.  As it turned out, even if I hadn’t planned some downtime, my body would have forced me into it anyway.  Post Boston I couldn’t even run a half mile.  There were a lot of words like tendinitis and piriformis syndrome and other terrible things being thrown around.  But long story short, I needed some rehab work and some serious reduction in miles.  Being the mileage junkie that I am I was pretty worried about it.  Like, who am I if I don’t workout for 15 hours a week, but you know what, it’s been fine.  Refreshing even.  I am “exercising” and not “training” and it’s great.  I do what I want, and focus on what I really enjoy. (Not swimming).  I love riding my bike.  So I do that a lot.  I’ve started riding on the weekends with friends, just for fun.  I’ve been slowly building back on my run, but even that, I’m super low mileage and I don’t care.  Plus we are having the world’s hottest summer (literally, I’m not being dramatic) and we have been under heat advisories almost every day since June.  So what better time to NOT have to worry about hitting workouts and doing tempo runs and all that nonsense in this heat.  I can go for walk if I feel like it, or “only” run a 5k on vacation or not even do anything at all!  Freedom.

And so I am embracing my summer of nothing.  Endurance athletes love to ask other endurance athletes “What are you training for?” And my answer is “Nothing.” And I love it.

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