October 1, 2020 marked the official start of the Hedgehog Hustle Virtual Half Marathon, Marathon and 50 Miler.  We had over 230 athletes register (I remember when we were unsure if we could get 100 athletes to register).  Based on registrations Sonic Endurance will be donating $760 each to Running for Rescues, Ainsley’s Angels and Love Your Brain.  We also had 105 runners make an additional donation to one of our partner charities.

When we add these donations together the total for each organization as of October 4, 2020 are:

Running for Rescues – $1941.00
Ainsley’s Angels – $1153.00
Love Your Brain – $992.00

This is pretty amazing — we’re at over $4,000 in total donations. But we’re not done yet.  Our Hedgehog Hustle Donation Page is open through the end of the race on November 25, 2020.  We’d love to see Running for Rescues push over $2,000, Ainsley’s Angels reach the $1500 mark and Love Your Brain pass $1,000.

In addition to we’d also really like to thank all of your individual donors.  You are amazing and we cannot thank you enough:

Alexa Friend
Alistair Bambridge
Amanda Headlee
Anca Jordan
Baby Wongstar
Beth Schweser
Blake Porch
Bonnie Lees
Catie Procuniar
Christina Ryan
Christine Williams
Christopher Ahlberg
Civita Thomas
Corey Porter
Craig Beers
Crystal Zamfino
Cynthia Backhaus
Dave Munger
David Berthiaume
Davida Graham
Denise Huff
Don Corne
Emily Gianquinto
Eric Nilsson
Erica Berthiaume
Heidi Groeger
Hilary Peak
Jamie Howard
Jeanne Baker
Jeff Gartman
Jennifer Dean
Jennifer DiBonaventura
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Todd
Jeremy Rosenzweig
Jeremy Titus
Jess Reed
Jocelyn Bergeron
Johanna Morton
John Loxterman
Judd Storrs
Kate Antonucci
Kathleen Flaherty
Katie Gagnon
Katie LeClair
Kelly Burns Gallagher
Krissy Milnazik
Kristen Michal
Kristie Casavant
Kristine Hubler
Laura Gartner
Laura Stebbins
Lauren DeLong
Lauren Giddings
Lee Anne Zarger
Linda Pierce
Louis Giancola
Mary Kelleher
Mary Regalbuto
Matthew Cambi
Maureen Carleton
Melissa Duguay
Michele O’Neill
Mike Higgins
Molly DePaiva
Monica Miller
Nathan Chmura
Nicole Berglund
NicTuna & Hooper
Patricia Daniels
Paula Olson
Peter Hornak
Phil Roucoulet
Philecia Greaser
Rachel Priester
Rob Piperno
Sam Karliner
Sarah Crossman
Sarah White
Sharon Hofer
Shira Flowers Eckett
Silvia Lynch
Stacey Miller
Stefanie Rubino
Susan Abla
Tammy Suyematsu
Tanya MacGregor
Thomas Nowicke
Tiffany McGuire
Tim Tice
Tony Cistulli
Travis Shive
Victoria Enquist

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