Stage 1 of the Hedgehog Hustle is in full swing and to support our runners we held a timed run in beautiful Salisbury, Connecticut.  In total we had thirty-four runners complete either one loop (5K) or two loops (10K) of the gorgeous Railroad Ramble Trail in Salisbury.

Welcome to Salisbury, Connecticut.

In order to keep everyone as safe and physically distant as possible the runners started in small waves of 4-6 people every 15 minutes from 9:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.  The trail itself was wide and flat allowing for plenty of space for everyone running.  Not only was the trail beautiful (just take a look at the pictures with foliage starting to peak), the weather was also perfect.  High 50s to high 60s as the day went on with lots of sunshine.  We could not have had nicer weather.

Tiny runner and cheer squad.

Salisbury Run 5K Results:  

First Name Last Name Bib Total
Theresa Bly 1130 0:25:16
Scott Jezierny 1120 0:26:08
Christopher Ahlberg 1135 0:27:16
Katherine Bunko 1124 0:28:57
Noelle Ross 1134 0:29:13
Alice Figueroa 1117 0:30:06
Nicole Carnemolla 1103 0:31:02
Molly DePaiva 1140 0:32:20
Kevin Ross 1133 0:33:44
Tricia Jezierny 1119 0:34:18
Beth Bunko 1125 0:34:19
Lisa Anderson 1114 0:36:35
Marina Pandolfi 1139 0:36:42
Kristin Pearson 1127 0:36:49
Miriam Frease 1126 0:36:51
Jennifer Dean 1111 0:37:14
Jean Hoffman 1112 0:37:27
Jennifer Kelley 1106 0:39:30
Ryan Kennedy 1128 0:42:55
Rachel Priester 1113 0:44:30
Jess Reed 1123 0:49:30
Kathy McDonald 1118 0:51:48
Sonya Alexander 1129 1:01:08
Kelly Burns Gallagher 1137 1:17:28
Ivy Heisler 1138 1:17:28

I’ll note here that four year old Ivy completed her VERY FIRST 5K at this race.  She had a fantastic first mile, an ok second mile and the third mile was rocky, very rocky.  But, she finished and was incredibly proud of herself.

Shira on the first loop of the 10K.

Salisbury Run 10K Results: 

First Name Last Name Bib Total
Larissa Giordano 1131 0:45:23
John Gonski 1121 0:46:27
Jeff Gartman 1136 1:04:18
Bonnie Lees 1115 1:04:47
Danielle Nitopi 1101 1:09:10
Shira Flowers 1132 1:10:18
Vincent Bartolini 1116 1:16:09
James Ruotolo 1110 1:20:25
Kathleen Rodriguez 1109 1:44:53


Absolutely gorgeous day.

All in all the day went really well.  The runners seemed to have a great time and were really excited to have a little bit of competition.  We’re definitely going to look into putting on more of these small events, especially when larger events are still no-gos in most of the north east.  Finally, to all the runner who participated — THANK YOU.  Thank you for being responsible, thank you for being courteous, and thank you for supporting the Hedgehog Hustle and our charitable partners.

Running on a carpet of leaves.

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