We are amazed by the turn out and enthusiasm for the #Sonic4onth4th.  It was great to see so many athletes out running 4 (or a distance that ended with .4 miles) despite the hot and sticky weather throughout most of the country.  There were quite a few runs of 7.4 miles to celebrate.  We picked 5 winners based on all of the social media submissions.  CONGRATULATIONS to:

Deanna Frazier
Jocelyn Bergeron
Marcy Ritsick 
Mike Higgins
Veronica Ramos 

If you’re a winner please email kelly@sonicedurance.com with your mailing address so we can send you your prize.  We hope to keep seeing everyone out on the roads, trails, paths, and waterways this summer as you #FindYourOwnFinishLine.

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