Gearing Up for 2024 at Endurance Exchange

Last weekend Coach Jen and I got the chance to travel to Endurance Exchange 2024 in Charlotte, North Carolina.   I always enjoy these conferences as we get to connect with many other coaches to learn and collaborate.   This year was no different, it was a great way to kick off the year.

We flew in early to take part in the Feisty Women’s Business Accelerator.   The first 2 days were spent taking a deep dive into all things related to our endurance coaching business.  I found this to be super helpful to hone in on our goals for 2024 and take a look at how we can be better moving forward.  We had the chance to work in some small groups and meet other female business owners and race directors.   Getting feedback on where we can improve as a business is always good.  After these two days, we jumped right into Endurance Exchange.

I thought USA Triathlon stepped up their game with the quality of sessions that were offered this year.   There was some really great content starting with the keynote speaker Inigo San Millian (professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine where he does clinical and research work in cellular metabolism).  His session was a great way to kick off the conference and he could have easily filled up an entire conference.

Other Key Takeaways from Endurance Exchange

  • Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is her to stay.  A lot of the conference sessions focused on where this is in the coaching space.  If you are not already on the train, it has left the station
  • Women in sport need more research, especially around hormones and menopause
  • Our Olympic athletes make great panel speakers and they provide insight of what it is like to operate at the top level.  I found it fascinating that leading up to the Olympics, Taylor Knibb will have a black out with all  media for almost 2 months.
    In addition to sessions. I always find so much value in the time we get to spend with others who work in the endurance space.   Taking the time away to go to these events is not always easy, but we make time for the things that are important to us.

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