Coach Kelly

Coaches Kelly and Ryan at the 2018 Patriot Half Triathlon.

Why do you coach?

I like to solve puzzles. Each individual athlete is a three-dimensional puzzle with moving pieces. And the completed puzzle today isn’t going to be the same one as tomorrow as we move through the long-term development process. I find that fascinating. Being able to help an athlete put that puzzle together for their own health as well as their results on the race course is incredibly rewarding.

What is your primary philosophy of coaching?

My coaching philosophy is that each athlete is unique and coaching focuses on determining each athlete’s individual strengths and weaknesses, designing a program and individual workouts to progressively address the athlete’s weaknesses while maintaining the athlete’s strengths. This is accomplished by closely monitoring an athlete’s qualitative and quantitative responses to training. My approach to training programs and workouts is look at the athlete holistically with an understanding of the importance of the athlete’s ability to recover. I place special focus on training athletes for long course events and working with athletes who are planning to jump up to longer events.

What do you look for in a client?

I look for a person who is willing to work hard, but also still has a sense of humor. We’re age-group athletes; you can’t take yourself too seriously. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be committed to your training, but that you’re going to balance your family, your work, and your training (in that order).

Why are you different than other coaches?

I think that being an attorney and being a coach differentiates me; what I do in my law practice is distilling things down, analyzing them, and organizing them to get the best possible result is very similar to what I do in coaching. The analysis that I perform as a litigator is similar to the work I do as a coach to analyze all of the information out there and provide the best synopsis to the athlete to digest.

What is your favorite moment as an athlete?

Going back and finishing Challenge Atlantic City in 2015. In 2014, I was racing and crashed my bike, severely injuring my right knee on a guardrail. Being able to overcome that place on the course, and finishing that race off in front of family and friends, was incredible.

What is your favorite moment as a coach?

Getting that text message from an athlete that all their hard work paid off with a fantastic day on race day.

What’s your history in sport?

I swam competitively in high school and played water polo at Dartmouth College. I started running in law school and began racing triathlon in 2006. I have raced in over 50 events including eight 140.6 races; my current focus is on building to a strong and healthy 2018 season.

What are your credentials?

USAT Level I, USMS Level II, three-time speaker at Triathlon Business International, member of Triathlon Business International, and the 2017 Ron Smith Award Winner.

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