Finding Your Feel (for the Water)

As Kelly recently talked about, for most of the US, we have been out of the pool since early to mid March.  Slowly things are now beginning to open up.  For many, coming back to swimming is going to feel different than when we left the pool.

If you are an adult onset swimmer, you most likely have  worked hard to develop your feel for the water.  When we don’t swim consistently, we lose that feel.  FEAR NOT, it will come back but not during the first swim.  When getting athletes back into the pool, I am working in a lot of drill sets.  These help with developing good form and taking away the “how fast am I”

Using all your tools in your swim tool box, I suggest break out the form drills using – click on drill to see video of the drill:

Additionally, you can use the fun pool toys that you have been missing for the past few months.  These will all help expedite your feel for the water.   Again, as with most of this pandemic, patience is key.  Taking a gradual approach of easing back into not only duration but also intensity is going to help recreate that feel for the water.

A couple workout suggestions:

1000 yard swim

200 easy warm up,  4×50 (25 drill, 25 swim) , 200 pull, 200 paddles, and 200 kick

1200 yard swim

200 easy warm up, 6 x 75 (25 drill, 25 swim, 25 kick), 6×50 alternating swim/kick by 50,  100 swim steady, 150 cool down

1500 yard swim

300 easy warm up, 4 x 100 (alternate drills/swim by 25), 4 x50 steady effort, 4×50 alternating pulling/kicking, 200 steady, 200 easy

Stay Safe


Coast to Coast Challenge

Nothing like an early morning bike ride.

With racing just starting to creep back (where looking at you Lubbock 70.3), it’s been hard for a lot of athletes to stay focused and motivated.  What we’ve heard from some athletes is why keep training consistently when there are no opportunities to use your fitness on the horizon?  What has worked really well to help our athletes are challenges — both those just for our team members such as Run BINGO, the Elevation Challenge and virtual races and those for the endurance sports community at large such as The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee , the Run Vermont Virtual Adventure, and the Smashfest Queen Virtual Races.

Coach Jen is definitely exceeding the speed limit.

While individual running events are great, one our absolute favorite virtual races has been the Coast to Coast Challenge.  It’s a virtual bike race from Memorial Day to Labor Day across the country following the route of Interstate 40.  The race starts in Wilmington, North Carolina gives athletes options to complete the full 2500 mile trek or to set their finish line at a set city along the way:

Wilmington, North Caroline to Nashville, Tennessee (625 miles)

Wilmington, North Caroline to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (1250 miles)

Wilmington, North Caroline to Albuquerque, New Mexico (1750 miles)

Wilmington, North Caroline to Barstow, California (2500 miles)

Getting creative while putting in miles.

The best part of the Coast to Coast challenge is the team component.  Sonic Endurance has a team of 15 athletes and, as of the writing of this post, we’re sitting in 5th place in the overall standings.  Plus there’s a little friendly competition among our athletes as to who can arrive at their destination first and who can pick up the most elevation over the course of the challenge (even if a lot of that elevation is picked up virtually on Zwift).  If you like to join in the fun, its not too late to join our team (password is hedgehog2020).

Zwifting and the Coast to Coast Challenge go hand in hand.

So far here are the individual results for our team:

Team Place
Clock Time
1 60 Darla Bergey 127 751.39 51:00:47
2 71 Kelly Burns Gallagher 112 718.3 41:29:19
3 89 Rob Piperno 119 677.31 36:25:44
4 192 Jen Ingram 652 458.79 23:12:06
5 239 Christopher Eckett 123 376.35 21:46:11
6 277 Tanya MacGregor 144 325.16 N/A
7 337 Jamie Dawes 120 257.4 16:30:00
8 374 Amy Hooper 132 224.0 14:53:44
9 384 Christina Ryan 634 217.89 13:49:01
10 482 Crystal Zamfino 134 148.41 12:57:12
11 517 Amy Eby 584 126.5 10:08:58
12 528 Maribeth Baker 322 119.85 7:47:32
13 548 Kelly Smola 315 103.28 8:31:20
14 574 Rae Kerr 311 79.4 5:05:00
15 594 Shaun Gallagher 729 66.1 4:01:51