More than anything else, Sonic Endurance is about building community through endurance sport. We try to support both our athletes and causes that are important to them. We do that in two primary ways: by supporting specific charitable organizations, and by offering pro bono coaching services.

Charitable Partners

Sonic Endurance supports three key charitable organizations throughout the year:

Running For Rescues: the official beneficiary of the Hogsback Half Marathon, Running for Rescues supplies animal shelters with key resources and offers athletes a method to fundraise.


LoveYourBrain: every 11 seconds, someone sustains a Traumatic Brain Injury. Cyclists and triathletes are no exceptions, including some of the coaches here at Sonic Endurance. LoveYourBrain provides supportive services to enrich the lives of those affected by TBI and builds holistic support for the TBI community.



Ainsley’s Angels: Ainsley’s Angels of America’s core mission is to build awareness of America’s disability community and ensuring inclusion in all aspects of life. They do this by including the disability community in endurance events nationwide.



Pro Bono Coaching Services

We understand that endurance sport can be exclusionary due to many elements. Cost is one of the barriers to entry that we can help control. Each coach at Sonic Endurance offers their services pro bono to qualifying, deserving athletes that otherwise would not be able to experience coaching, or worse, would not participate in the sport at all.