Zwift Racing League Race Report, by Wendy Coin

Coach’s Note: We’re entering the winter months, and Zwift will continue to be a useful training tool for many athletes. There isn’t quite an experience like Zwift Racing — we hear often how it is the most difficult form of bike racing that they have ever done. That being said, racing also brings a lot of the competitive juices forward. For many athletes, Zwift Racing provides a better opportunity to validate FTP as opposed to a “traditional” test method. Just, as a warning: be prepared for the opening sprint to make the peloton! Here, Wendy Coin gives insight as to the Zwift Racing League points format and how racing might be of benefit to you.

The Vixen Team “Velocity” racing the Season 2021/2022 Zwift Racing League(ZRL) America’s East Women’s Division C2 by WTRL has moved up to 3rd place in the league after 4 of the 8 scheduled races. The Tuesday 10/19/21 race was a Points Race on Casse-Pattes. (Coach’s Note: this means that points would be awarded for intermediate sprints, KOMs, and for final finishing position.)  Racing this week were: Sara Horsey, Deb Dumerten, Snow Wellington, Melanie Suave, Tanya Appuhn and Wendy Coin. Faithfully in the air conditioned comfy Team Car was D.S. Jen Krueger.
Our D.S.’s instructions were simple: “I know I said to race your face off for the last race, well I really mean it for this race. Start out faster than ever and all of you try for the first sprint.” Simple.

Highlights of the race

  • All 6 of us stayed in the front group until the PetitKOM climb. It was a beautiful sea of orange and teamwork. Jen said all of us try for the first sprint. We did!
  • Significant leg cramping occurred in 50% of our team. Luckily, Deb only needs one leg to ride. As best as I can tell, Snow did not vomit but there was extreme cussing. Luckily, not as bad as when she was told at Starbucks that they did not have any decaf coffee.
  • Sara H. wins the multiple effective strategy contest. Some tips for you to attempt to earn some bonus points. First: Wear a polka dot jersey to a race when you are actually the best sprinter. They never saw her sprint past them. Women in Polka Dots don’t sprint!  Second: Rack up major points on sprints and relax & chat the rest of the course. Third: convince yourself that the climbs are actually just false flats. Psych excellance.
  • Mel and Tanya were strong, steady, and smart as always.  They noticed the Finish Line had magically appeared after the Pave Sprint instead of at the anticipated second climb up the Aqueduc.
  • Wendy had her best race ever with some sprint & climbing points. She was left with this amazing insight, “gosh, I worked soooooo hard for ONE f****** point.”
  • None of our team raced alone. We grouped up and supported each other.
  • Jen dreams of a day when Snow will be the D.S. in the team car and the sea of cussing will inspire her to greater speed.
In every race of this series every member has contributed double digit points. We are now in 3rd place for the ZRL Season at the halfway mark. I am so proud of this team.

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