The Road Back – by Coach Stacey

On Saturday, I was three weeks post bike crash….in many ways it seems like a long time ago and then there is the daily reminders that life is just not quite the same.  Recently, I have gotten back on the computer after being absent most of these past few weeks.  The post concussion management really has been no joke and like a second job….so many things to remember and most of them I forgot.

Our routine settled in a different way after our arrival home from Oklahoma.  Instead of a block filled with fun leisure running and coffee and doughnut rides the path was went in a different direction.  One filled with concussion specialists, vestibular rehabilitation, eye therapy and post accident insurance paperwork.

In the first few weeks, I thought the recovery would be rather simple.  Some rest and minor rehab and I would be on my way.  As the time passed, it seemed more and more evident that the Post Concussion Syndrome effects were not easily remedied.  There seems to be no real pattern to the onset of symptoms as we have tried to track according to sleep and activity.  We had a great couple of days last week where it seemed that we had turned the corner on the vision loss and the headaches only to have everything come rearing back on Sunday.

The pool seems to be the most aggravating to the vision.  I cannot see clearly under the water.  The vision therapist believes that the therapy will help the brain reconnect with the eye…a process that can be long but successful.  I am still swimming shorter distances in hopes that my head will figure out this is indeed where I belong.

In many ways, I remain grateful that I have been able to drive and get the kids to and from soccer, football, band, etc.  The accident could have been so much worse.  This week I slowly started to add back running into the mix…while I have been on the treadmill for most of the time, it was hard to miss the great outdoor fall weather.  It was apparent quickly that the runs would be shorter and slower for the time being.

I don’t currently have a bike…and truthfully that is fine with me.  We have begun conversations with Guys Bikes to build something for next season.  Starting over from scratch has been eye opening and a little overwhelming…there are so many more options now.  I decided this fall/winter to focus on a run block and some specific strength work…to address some of the limiters in my running.  I am not in a hurry to jump back on a bike so in the meantime I will just run and swim.

Once again, we have been blessed with a great group of friends and family who are consistently checking in and seeing if I need anything.  While this has required that we slow down a little it has also made us develop an appreciation for spending some quality time at home and together.

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