Why Strength Now? Guest Post by Danielle Bridge

In just a few short weeks, we are launching a 2 week challenge called Planks and Thanks.  Strength during this time period can have a big impact on your goals for 2021.  You can sign up for the challenge here.

In this post, we hear from Danielle Bridge, of  Bridge the Gap about strength training for Endurance Athletes.

Endurance athletes should step outside the box and include strength training to their program. As a business owner, wife and mom of 2, I understand there are not enough hours in the day. Having a plan and incorporating the things that will successfully get you across that finish line is just as important as the actual training itself. Although there are more required hours to do the sport of your choice (running, biking, swimming or all three) once your event gets closer, strength training is a must to squeeze in, and here are just a few reasons why:

  • Injury prevention. With any repetitive motion, injury is more likely to happen. But you’re in luck! Strength training can make your bones, ligaments and tendons STRONGER to help you cross the finish line injury free.
  • Body Mechanics. As a runner, most tend to forget about their backside (glutes/hamstrings). If you do not work on the body as a whole, your dominant muscles during these training programs will work harder and overcompensate. As a bike rider, your form is not a natural position a weak back/core is used to enduring for miles at a time. For swimmers Focusing on your strokes outside of the pool by adding resistance or weight to the movement will help the repetitive motion during training.
  • YOU WILL GET STRONGER! Imagine a stronger stroke when pushing that water behind you in the open water. Imagine activating your glutes and hamstrings at the end of the race when your quads feel like giving up. Imagine having a strong core that doesn’t hurt when you are hunched over on the bike riding your last few miles of the longest race of your life.


Off season is a GREAT time to start. 2020 has felt like a constant state of offseason. When your first official race is a go, will you be ready?

Did you use this offseason as an excuse or for a time to get better?

Remember, It’s a lifestyle…not a chapter in your life!

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