Who is on your TEAM?

As we enter 2021, many of us feel like we have unfinished business in the endurance sporting world.   In 2020, we were challenged with finding other challenges that would keep us engaged and interested while racing was on hold.  For us, we turned to our team to engage with each other and push one another in different ways.

What we found in 2020, was that there was power not in racing but the athletes that they surrounded themselves with.  In the fall, one of our athletes was lucky to be running a 100 miler.   He was looking for a pacer, someone to share miles 60 through 80 with.

As the fall rolled around and races were still put on hold.  We saw this team back in action again.  The same pacer who jumped in for a 100 miler, was running his first 50k!  Here is what he said in his post race recap:
More than anything else I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for Jim and Travis. Here are two guys I barely know who gave up a whole day to lead me through a 50k. I probably could have done it on my own, but I would not have had nearly the same sense of accomplishment, and definitely not as much fun. We have a special group of people on the Sonic team. I’m privileged to call them my friends, not just my teammates.

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