Join the Fun – Becoming a Sonic Team Member in 2022

Join the Fun – Becoming a Sonic Team Member in 2022

The year is winding down, goals are being set and 2022 is just an arms length away. Whether you’re looking to PR your 5k, complete your 20th half marathon or finish your first IRONMAN event, training for these events can be done alone. But why train alone when you can train hard and have fun with teammates?

A new race season is right around the corner and Sonic Endurance has open arms for you to join us in 2022. Sonic Endurance is an amazing community of like-minded athletes of all shapes, sizes and abilities from across the country who love to work hard and have way too much fun. As an endurance team we support athletes who like to accomplish any type of crazy goals – whether it’s on the trails via foot or bike, on the road for running or cycling, swim/bike/run combo, marathon swims – you dream it, we help you achieve it!

From one-on-one coaching to basic team memberships, we have a spot for everyone. If you’re on the fence about joining, we hope this blog will make you realize how awesome the Sonic community is and have your craving to be a hedgie when you finish.


Perhaps the most obvious reason to join an endurance club – or any club for that matter – is the community that goes along with it. Many people find that joining a team not only offers a fun pastime, but also a great group of people who can eventually turn into good friends. Being part of a club will accelerate the process of meeting a bunch of people who you know you have at least one thing in common with. Not only will these hedgies become your training partners, but they will become some of your best friends.

Training Motivation

For those who are looking for a little training motivation, joining Sonic can be a perfect place to find it. Some people enjoy training on their own in their element – just them, their Training Peaks and their Garmin. But others enjoy a group who can keep you going on those days when it’s too cold outside, you’re just too tired or you don’t have the gusto to get in a quality workout solo. Our club provides accountability, inspiration and encouragement whether it’s your first race or your 50th.

Workout and Race Tips

Joining Sonic as a one-on-one coached athlete, you will receive a personalized workout schedule and plan from your coach. With a schedule, nutritional assistance and daily communication, you will be sure to accomplish and achieve your 2022 goals. As a Sonic team member, you will have access to all Sonic team workouts (both virtual and in real life) and events such as outdoor (heated) pool swims, weekend training runs and rides, team camps, and more. Outside of all our training, Sonic hosts monthly virtual team challenges with prizes and monthly virtual educational workshops that focus on topics such as goal setting, strength training, and more! As a Sonic member you will also be apart of an online Facebook community to find training buddies and ask questions, receive our monthly newsletter and receive more education blogs (like this one!)

Discounts on Gear

One of the lesser-known benefits of Sonic (but it will soon be a well-known benefit after you join) is that you access to a large list of discounts codes on gear, equipment, races and more! Also, several of our team members are ambassadors for companies/brands and share their discount codes as well!

 Training and Racing Gear

When you join Sonic, we like our athletes to look good and feel good. During the 2022 season, our Sonic athletes will be wearing Zoot branded apparel. Sonic has an online store where you can buy gear to have your train and race in style! We also have special edition shirts throughout the year to show our support to causes we believe in!

 Race Day Support

One of the greatest reasons to join Sonic is to receive race day support. Throughout the year, Sonic participates in several races across the country as a team (here’s where we’ll be in 2022). Not only is it amazing to be racing along side teammates, but to see your coaches on the sideline as well! We often do pre-race or post-race meals to get excited!

A Chance to Celebrate You

Our hedgies come from all walks of life – from young 20s, to new moms, to working dads, to retirees, and beyond. No matter what stage of life you are currently in, there is a teammate like you. While meeting and gaining teammates is a bonus to Sonic, we encourage you to join for YOU. To better yourself both mentally and physically, making you the best version of you.

Want to know more about joining Sonic, view our team information page. Do you have questions? Feel free to reach out to Amanda, team manager, at [email protected].

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  1. Dave Peterson

    While I am a newbie (joined in the spring), one of the things I enjoy is the chance to do things with other teammates. It is a great community.

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