Things We Love March Edition

It’s almost spring (which is really big deal especially for those us who have been dealing with freezing temperatures and snow cover for almost four months now)!

I’ve been skiing a lot this winter, hooray Ikon Pass, and have found that a really great base layer goes a long way to keeping me warm and comfortable in a whole range of conditions (this year we’ve seen everything from 40s and raining, to -5 F, to teens and nuclear snow fall).  My current favorite for base layers is Corbeaux Clothing out of Aspen, Colorado.  All of their clothes are designed, cut and sewn in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Current favorites of mine are Wanderer Hoodie (which even comes in Sonic blue), the Centennial Pant and the La Plata Legging.  

Traveling through BWI Airport last month I came across the most amazing vending machine from Wellfound Foods.  It had salads and parfaits and fruit and all sorts of good things.  I was floored.  The company is based out of Washington D.C. and has machines in the D.C. Metro Area.  I would love to see them expand and be able to find more healthy food in vending machines all over the county.

What goes well with salad?  Eggs!

I continue to be totally enamored by our little flock of chickens.  Despite limited day light and cold temperatures the eight chicken we own continue to produce about 5 or 6 eggs per day.  There really is nothing better than a fresh, warm egg.  Especially one that you collected yourself.

Making it three in a row on food, I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur on golden lattes.  Most often these are non-dairy lattes (oat milk is a favorite) with a heaping helping of turmeric and usually some cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg thrown in for good measure.  Plus, for me, a shot of espresso.  Always a shot of espresso.  If you’re in Keene, New Hampshire Prime Roast makes an excellent golden milk latte.  As does Howl out in Salida, Colorado.

Speaking of travelling, I’ve become a bit obsessed with local business stickers.  All.  The.  Stickers.  I put them on the truck, on my laptops, on water bottles.  This summer I think I need to get a cooler just to put stickers on it.  They’re not super expensive and they really help convey a sense of place.

Finally, I’ve mentioned it before, but I just need to mention it again — I LOVE SKIDA.  I wear Skida headbands (alpine version) on an almost daily basis and the neck warmers every time I go skiing.  Plus they have an amazing kids collection (Ivy loves her strawberry hat).  Best part is that they are based in the great state of Vermont and produce all their products in Vermont as well.

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