Athlete’s Winter Kitchen – Frozen Berry Clafouti

It’s late January.  Days are short.  Weather is cold.  There’s something wet and icy and miserable falling from the sky.  Sunny skies and warm weather feel a million years away.  One of my favorite ways to feel a little closer to summer is to take a summer recipe and revamp it for winter — thus the Frozen Berry Clafouti.  This recipe is a variation on the King Arthur Baking Cherry Clafouti.  Major differences are my version uses frozen fruit (and more of it), more eggs and a little less sugar.  The result is an eggy, tender almost custard like dish that works as breakfast or a slightly sweet snack any time of the day.

Total Time:

10 minutes to prep.  45-50 minutes to bake.


Spring form pan

3 c. of frozen fruit (defrosted) I like a mix of cherries and blueberries

4 Eggs (the fresher, the better)

1 c. whole milk

2 TB melted butter (plus butter to grease the pan)

1.5 tsp vanilla extract

.5 tsp almond extract

.5 tsp salt

1 c. flour (I always use King Arthur AP Flour)


  1. Heat the over to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Drain and gently dry the defrosted fruit.
  3. Grease the spring form pan with a thin coating of butter. Use good butter.  It just tastes better.
  4. Layer the fruit over the bottom of the pan and set aside. 
  5. Mix eggs, milk, melted butter, vanilla extract, almond extract and salt using a stand mixer, hand mixer or blender until frothy.
  6. Sift in flour.  Mix until fully incorporated.  
  7. Pour batter over the fruit.
  8. Bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes.

The result: a lovely and not too sweet dish that reminds you of summer in the middle of winter.  Plus its packed with fruit and protein making it an ideal pre-training breakfast.

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