2014 Rev3 - Quassy

$250 Half-iron / $200 Olympic

REV 3 QUASSY PACKAGE PLANS for Half Or Olympic Distance

This is designed for the individual who is looking for a detailed workout plan to get them to the start line.  This program provides feedback when the athlete has questions.  The entire 16 week program is written and delivered upon payment. 

Package includes:

·         Initial meeting in person to get to know you and your goals

·         Training Peaks Basic account for all of your workouts

·         Detailed daily workouts written for 16 week plan in Training Peaks

·         Athlete-initiated access to their coach via e-mail, text and phone calls as scheduled

·         Phone call to review race plan and questions prior to race

·         Specific assistance on race fueling and mental approaches to training and racing

·         Swim stroke analysis and run analysis either in person or via video as needed

·         Field-based lactate threshold testing to determine heart rate zones

·         Specific strength, core and cross training workouts to address limiters and prevent injury

·         Sonic Endurance training gear

·         Quassy Training Weekend which will include a riding the course, preview of the run course and discussion of race day strategies.



$250 for Half Ironman plan
$200 for Olympic plan


For more information or to sign up contact Coach Kelly or Coach Stacey

Discounts available for additional Sonic Endurance services.